Instructions to authors
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Preparation of manuscripts.

Manuscripts are to be submitted in English, German or French. The text should be written on one side of white paper (A4, 210 x 297 mm) with broad margins (maximum 30 lines per page). Each manuscript must include an abstract (in English) not exceeding 150 words and a maximum of five key words. The paper will be followed by an abstract in Czech (or Slovak). The journal is responsible, however, for the translation of abstracts into Czech for foreign authors. Send two copies of the typescript and computer files as e-mail attachments. Finally, the authors are asked to submit all computer files with the accepted manuscript (on floppies, CDs or as e-mail attachments). The files should be in MS Word, graphs in MS Excel. Avoid any special type of text formatting except for italic and bold options.


Illustrations and tables.

All tables, black and white photographs and figures (in black indian ink on a separate sheet) combined with the legends should be self-explanatory. Legends to the figures must be typed on a separate sheet. Colour photographs can be accepted but the authors will be responsible for the costs. All drawings or  photographs of microstructures should be provided with a scale. All illustration should be submitted as the original drawing and one clear copy. Outputs from computer graphics programmes produced on plotters or laser printers as well as high-resolution graphic files (TIFF or JPEG) are acceptable. The dimension of any figure should not exceed 180 x 260 mm in size. References to illustrative matter in the text should be in parentheses, e.g. ... spore sizes (Tab. 1) or ... as shown in Fig. 2 ... Figs. 1-5 ... Map 1 ...



Latin names should conform to the International code of botanical nomenclature. New taxa must be substantiated by a Latin diagnosis including a reference to the public herbarium where the type specimen is deposited. The authors are asked to use only the acronyms listed in the Index Herbariorum. Latin names up to the rank of order are to be written in italic.



References are to be listed in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the first authors. The bibliography should be written as follows:

Moravec J. (1984): Two new species of Coprobia and taxonomic remarks on the genera Cheilymenia and Coprobia (Discomycetes, Pezizales). - Čes. Mykol. 38: 146-155. (journal article)

Ryvarden L. (1978): The Polyporaceae of North Europe, Vol. 2. Inonotus-Tyromyces. - 507 p. Oslo. (book)

Tommerup I.C., Kuek C. and Malajczuk N. (1987): Ectomycorrhizal inoculum production and utilization in Australia. - In: Sylvia D.M., Hung L.L. and Graham J.H. (eds.), Proceedings of the 7th North American Conference on Mycorrhizae, p. 93-295, Gainesville. (book chapter, abstract, article in proceedings)

Holec J. and Suková M. (Internet): New fungal taxa described by Josef Velenovský. - (data from Internet, with authors but without year of publication).

Anonymus (2005): Rödlistade arter i Sverige 2005. - (data from Internet, without authors, with year of publication).

The references in text should be Moravec (1984), or (Moravec 1984), or Kühner and Romagnesi (1974). When there are three or more authors use the form Tommerup et al. (1987).


Manuscript evaluation.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by one or two reviewers, and the authors informed about their acceptance, rejection or necessary revisions within three months. If a manuscript is returned for revision, the authors should submit a revised version within one month.
Authors should preferably have their English language texts approved by a native - English speaker.


Proof corrections, reprints.

Proofs of the paper will be sent to authors via air mail or as a PDF file. If not returned within two weeks, the proof correction will be carried out by the editor. The principal author will receive 30 reprints and a final PDF file free of charge.



All correspondence concerning the journal should be sent to the following address:

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