Czech Mycology 47(1): 7–37             Article published: 6th January, 1994 doi: 10.33585/cmy.47103


Taxonomic revision of the genus Cheilymenia.

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Five species belonging to these ction Cheilymenia - the type section of the genus Cheilymenia Boud. - are introduced. The section is divided into three series: ser. a. Cheilymenia with Cheilymenia stercorea (Pers.: Fr.) Boud. (type species), Cheilymenia asteropila J. Mor., and Cheilymenia parvispora spec.nov.described here; ser.b. Pallidae J. Mor. with Cheilymenia pallida Bell et Dennis; and ser. c. Insigniae (J. Mor.) comb. nov. [basionym: Cheilymenia sect. Insigniae J. Moravec (1990b)] represented by Cheilymenia insignis (Cr. et Cr.) Boud. The previously designated lectotype for C. stercorea is rejected, and an illustration mentioned in the sanctioning publication (an “iconotype”) is here designated the lectotype of that name. A ‘protype’ for C. stercorea is newly designated here and the taxonomy and nomenclature of this type-species of the genus is discussed in detail. Based on examination of the type and other relevant material, Peziza stercorea var. aurantiac of lava Fuck., as well as Humaria alpina Fuck, and also Peziza fulvescens Nyl., have proven to be conspecific with C. stercorea; a new combination C. stercorea f. alpina (Fuck.) J. Mor. is proposed. Lachnea stercorea var. microspora Kanouse is synonymised with C. parvispora J. Mor. In addition, a new name, Cheilymenia lacteoalba Arnolds et J. Mor. nom. nov. is proposed for the illegitimate homonym Cheilymenia pallida Arnolds (1982), a species of these ct. Paracheilymeniae. The paper comprises descriptions and illustrations, including SEM photomicrographs.

Keywords:     Cheilymenia, sect. Cheilymenia, taxonomy, nomenclature

Full citation:

Moravec J. (1994): Taxonomic revision of the genus Cheilymenia. – Czech Mycology 47(1): 7–37. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.47103

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