Czech Mycology 47(4): 261–269             Article published: 16th February, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.47402


Some new taxa and combinations in the Pezizales.

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Rhodopeziza Hohmeyer and J. Moravec gen nov. is proposed for Rhodopeziza tuberculata (Gamundí) J. Moravec et Homeyer comb. nov., based on Aleuria tuberculata Gamundi (1975). Also two other new combinations are made: Sowerbyella phlyctispora (Lepr. et Mont. in Montagne) Hohmeyer et J. Moravec comb. nov. based on Peziza phlyctispora Lepr. et Mont. in Montagne, and Sowerbyella unicisa (Peck) J. Moravec comb. nov., based on Peziza unicisa Peck. Diagnosis of the new genus, descriptions, line drawings, SEM photomicrographs and notes on taxonomy accompany the paper.

Keywords:     Rhodopeziza gen. nov., Rhodopeziza tuberculata, Sowerbyella phlyctispora, Sowerbyella unicisa comb. nov.

Full citation:

Moravec J. (1994): Some new taxa and combinations in the Pezizales. – Czech Mycology 47(4): 261–269. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.47402

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