Czech Mycology 48(3): 199–205             Article published: 22nd December, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48303


Pseudoomphalina kalchbrenneri (Agaricales) in the Czech Republic.

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The authors have studied Bresadola’s type material of Omphalia kalchbrenneri Bres. from Italy as well as fresh and dried herbarium specimens from Bohemian an dMoravian localities. After studying the material and perusal of the literature, the conclusion was reached tha tfung idescribed by various authors as Omphalia kalchbrenneri Bres., Agaricus compressipes Peck and Omphalia graveolens Sev. Petersen are conspecific and the correct name for this fungus is Pseudoomphalina kalchbrenneri (Bres.) Sing. In the Czech Republic, this rare species is known from only six localities.

Keywords:     Pseudoomphalina kalchbrenneri, agaric, taxonomy, nomenclature, localities in Czech Republic

Full citation:

Kotlaba F., Pouzar Z. (1995): Pseudoomphalina kalchbrenneri (Agaricales) in the Czech Republic. – Czech Mycology 48(3): 199–205. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48303

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