Czech Mycology 48(3): 221–224             Article published: 22nd December, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48306


Actual state of the rust fungi systematics in the world.

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The article was presented at the 7th International Congress of Mycology Division (IUMS-94) in Praha, July 3-8, 1994. The rust fungi are damaging for many important crops. Many rust species possess complicated life cycle. Up to now the most effective method has appeared to be the production of rust resistant cultivars and biological control on integrated basis. Therefore the thorough knowledge of taxonomy, biology and ecology of not only economically important rusts but also potentially harmful rust species on wild plants is highly desired. Especially in tropics and subtropics the rust taxonomy and ecology is known imperfectly. The author informs briefly on steps concerning the improvement of rust systematics organized at the rust symposia at International Mycological Congresses (IMC) in Tampa (USA) 1977, Tokyo, 1983 and Regensburg (BRD) 1990. In the international cooperation it should be prepared, through computers and videodisc technology, the “World database for plant rust fungus species”. Most limiting factors are: to find leaders in relatively rich and major institutions and funds from national and international organizations.

Keywords:     Rust fungi (Uredinales), systematics in the world, improvement

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Urban Z. (1995): Actual state of the rust fungi systematics in the world. – Czech Mycology 48(3): 221–224. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48306

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