Czech Mycology 48(4): 283–294             Article published: 14th March, 1996 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48408


What is in fact Nemecomyces mongolicus Pilát?

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Revision of the type material of Nemecomyces mongolicus Pilát 1933 (Ann. Mycol. 31: 54-55) has showed that this fungus is identical with Pholiota populnea (Pers.: Fr.) Kuyp. et Tjall., as suggested earlier by F. Kotlaba and Z. Pouzar in 1963. This fact is demonstrated by the agreement of macro- and microcharacters of these two species. Problematic characters as habitus of the fruitbodies, presence or absence of cheilocystidia and terrestrial growth of Nemecomyces mongolicus are discussed together with the possibility of occurrence of Pholiota populnea in northwestern Mongolia. This analysis confirmed conspecificity of N. mongolicus and Pholiota populnea too. The author prefers to include P. populnea and the closely related species P. heteroclita and P. comosa into the subgenus Hemipholiota Sing. ex Sing. because this position corresponds well to the real situation in the genus Pholiota s.l. This solution also prevents undesirable new combinations because when treated as members of a separate genus, the all aforementioned species should be transferred to Nemecomyces Pilát 1933. This name is older than the recently published generic name Hemipholiota (Sing.) Romagn. ex Bon 1986.

Keywords:     Nemecomyces mongolicus, revision, taxonomy, Pholiota populnea, subg. Hemi­pholiota, Agaricales

Full citation:

Holec J. (1996): What is in fact Nemecomyces mongolicus Pilát? – Czech Mycology 48(4): 283–294. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48408

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