Czech Mycology 48(4): 315–324             Article published: 14th March, 1996 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48411


Notes on some species of genera Ceriporia and Ceriporiopsis (Polyporaceae).

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The new species Ceriporia herinkii Vampola of the group of Ceriporia purpurea (Fr.) Donk is described. This probably thermophilous species differs from C. purpurea s.s. mainly in the strikingly smaller spores. It has so far been found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and a territory of the former Yugoslavia till now but it is elsewhere probably overlooked or confused with C. purpurea. Ceriporia mellita (Bourd.) Bond, et Sing, is incorrectly placed in the synonymy of Ceriporia purpurea (Fr.) Donk. by some mycologists. In fac tboth species are distinct and especially the different basidiospore size and shape provide a very good diagnostic feature. Ceriporia metamorphosa (Fuckel) Ryv. et Gilberts, has sometimes incorrectly been regarded as as form of Ceriporiopsis aneirina (Sommerf.) Doman., from which it differs especially in the simple-septate hyphae and the ability to form an imperfect state. The new combination Ceriporiopsis cremea (Parm.) Vampola et Pouz. is proposed. Ceriporiopsis balaenae Niemelä is reported from the Czech Republic (Central Europe) for the first time and the variability of its hymenophores is discussed. Ceriporiopsis jelicii (Tortić et David) Ryv. et Gilberts, is for the first time reported from Slovakia (Central Europe). The classification of Ceriporiopsis rivulosa (Berk. et Curt.) Gilberts. et Ryv. within the genus Ceriporiopsis is regarded as rather problematic, and the previously published classification in Rigidoporus and the recent combination into Physisporinus, however, remain a subject for a detailed future study, especially of the hyphal systems.

Keywords:     Ceriporia, Ceriporiopsis, Polyporaceae, taxonomy

Full citation:

Vampola P., Pouzar Z. (1996): Notes on some species of genera Ceriporia and Ceriporiopsis (Polyporaceae). – Czech Mycology 48(4): 315–324. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48411

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