Czech Mycology 49(2): 85–90             Article published: 13th October, 1996 doi: 10.33585/cmy.49203


New localities of Pilatoporus ibericus in Europe and Asia.

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The very rare polypore Pilatoporus ibericus (Melo et Ryv.) Kotl. et Pouz. is reported from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Iran for the first time. Study of the sexuality of pure cultures has shown that P. ibericus is heterothallic and bipolar. The type species of the genus Pilatoporus, Polyporus palustris Berk, et Curt., was studied microscopically in detail. The presence of thick-walled and only rarely clamped sclerified generative hyphaeint issue of its basidiocarps is introduced as a new and for the genus Pilatoporus very important and characteristic feature. The new combination Pilatoporus spraguei (Berk, et Curt.) Vampola is proposed. The type specimen of the recently described polypore Pilatoporus maroccanus Kotl. et Pouz. was compared with the widely known species Trametes suaveolens Fr. Neither macroscopic nor microscopic study of its basidiocarps showed any marked distinguishing features, except for the slightly smaller spores ofthe former.

Keywords:     Pilatoporus, polypores, Aphyllophorales, sexuality, hyphal systems

Full citation:

Vampola P. (1996): New localities of Pilatoporus ibericus in Europe and Asia. – Czech Mycology 49(2): 85–90. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.49203

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