Czech Mycology 50(3): 201–221             Article published: 16th May, 1998 doi: 10.33585/cmy.50306


The taxonomy of Pholiota aurivella and Pholiota adiposa - a return to Batsch and Fries.

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The paper presents a new opinion on the delimitation of Pholiota aurivella and Pholiota adiposa, which, however, correspondsto originaldescriptions of BatschandFries.Theconclusions are based on careful studies of fresh as well as herbarium material from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland and Austria. The true Pholiota aurivella (Batsch: Fr.) P. Kumm. proved to be a species growing on Salix and having a subviscid to dry and mat pileus surface, thick dark scales, predominantly clavate cheilocystidia, spores with a broad germ pore and abundant chrysocystidia. The true Pholiota adiposa (Batsch: Fr.) P. Kumm. is a fungus occurring on Fagus and many other deciduous trees, occasionally also on conifers, and has a strongly glutinous, lustrous pileus with thin scales, cheilocystidia of a different shape, spores with a narrower germ pore and rare chrysocystidia. A new neotype is being designated here for Pholiota aurivella instead of the neotype chosen by Jacobsson which proved to be in conflict with Fries’ protologue. Revision of the holotype of Pholiota cerifera (P. Karst.) P. Karst, showed that this species is identical with Pholiota aurivella.

Keywords:     Agaricales, Pholiota aurivella, Pholiota adiposa, Pholiota cerifera, taxonomy, new delimitation, neotypification

Full citation:

Holec J. (1998): The taxonomy of Pholiota aurivella and Pholiota adiposa - a return to Batsch and Fries. – Czech Mycology 50(3): 201–221. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.50306

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