Czech Mycology 52(4): 323–327             Article published: 5th March, 2001 doi: 10.33585/cmy.52411


Venturia glacialis, an overlooked species.

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Venturia glacialis Lar. Vasilyeva, so far known by the type collection only, on Betula nana ssp. exilis, from the Magadan district in NE Siberia, is reported on Betula nana ssp. nana in Scandinavia. It is very similar to V. subcutanea on leaves of Salix reticulata. A Venturia sp. on leaves of Salix herbacea and S. polaris has hi the rto been classified as V. subcutanea but is slightly different and seems morphologically indistinguishable from V. glacialis.

Keywords:     Taxonomy, Venturia, Betula nana, Salix reticulata, S. herbacea, S. polaris

Full citation:

Holm K., Holm L. (2001): Venturia glacialis, an overlooked species. – Czech Mycology 52(4): 323–327. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.52411

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