Czech Mycology 55(1-2): 1–6             Article published: 23rd July, 2003 doi: 10.33585/cmy.55101


A new polypore from Cuba: Junghuhnia kotlabae.

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Junghuhnia kotlabae Pouzar, a new species of the genus Junghuhnia Corda em. Ryvarden (Aphyllophorales) is described from two specimens collected on a fallen stem of the palm Roystonea regia on Cuba. It is characteristic by the effuso-reflexed carpophores with regular to somewhat prolonged pores and short, relatively broad spores as well as by the presence of two types of cystidia.

Keywords:     Basidiomycetes, Aphyllophorales, Junghuhnia kotlabae Pouzar spec.nov., taxonomyBasidiomycetes, Aphyllophorales, Junghuhnia kotlabae Pouzar spec, nov., taxonomy

Full citation:

Pouzar Z. (2003): A new polypore from Cuba: Junghuhnia kotlabae. – Czech Mycology 55(1-2): 1–6. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.55101

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