Czech Mycology 60(2): 213–220             Article published: 27th February, 2009 doi: 10.33585/cmy.60205


Some stereoid fungi from Cuba.

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Eight species of stereoid fungi were identified in collections from Cuba. Uncommon or rare species include Dendrophora albobadia, Laxitextum bicolor, Lopharia cinerascens, Porostereum lilacinum, Stereum fasciatum and S. lobatum. The species Hjortstamia crassa and H. papyrina are rather common.

Keywords:     Stereum s. l., hosts, distribution, taxonomy, subtropics

Full citation:

Kotlaba F., Pouzar Z. (2008): Some stereoid fungi from Cuba. – Czech Mycology 60(2): 213–220. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.60205

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