Czech Mycology 65(1): 15–24             Article published online: 10th June, 2013 doi: 10.33585/cmy.65102


Notes on the identity of Hygrophoropsis rufa (Basidiomycota, Boletales).

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The rare fungus Hygrophoropsis rufa is documented from the Czech Republic for the first time. Both classical and DNA study results have proved that H. rufa is a good species, clearly separated from H. aurantiaca. Macroscopically, it differs by an orange-brown to dark brown pileus surface. The stability of the observed differences in spores, being slightly smaller and thick-walled in H. rufa, has to be confirmed using a larger set of collections. A brief comparison with dark-coloured taxa of the group of H. aurantiaca is added. Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca var. atrotomentosa most probably represents a synonym, but its nomenclatural status has to be clarified.

Keywords:     Hygrophoropsidaceae, taxonomy, phylogeny, variability, Europe

Full citation:

Holec J., Kolařík M. (2013): Notes on the identity of Hygrophoropsis rufa (Basidiomycota, Boletales). – Czech Mycology 65(1): 15–24. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.65102

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