Czech Mycology 70(2): 127–143             Article published online: 24th October, 2018 doi: 10.33585/cmy.70203


Old-growth forest fungus Antrodiella citrinella - distribution and ecology in the Czech Republic

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Localities and records of Antrodiella citrinella (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) in the Czech Republic are summarised and the ecology of the species is evaluated. The 31 localities are mostly situated in mountain regions, the highest number of records coming from elevations of 1200–1299 m.Less frequently, A. citrinella is found in highland regions, growing either on slopes of hills or on steep slopes and bottoms of deep river or stream valleys. Most records are from montane and supramontane spruce forests and submontane to montane mixed forests dominated by beech, spruce and fir. The fungus also occurs in waterlogged spruce forests and ravine forests. Most of the localities are protected as nature reserves or strictly protected zones of national parks. Picea abies is a preferred substrate, followed by Abies alba, Fagus sylvatica, and basidiomata of Fomitopsis pinicola. Almost all records are from fallen trunks 10–100 cm in diameter, rarely stumps or pieces of wood. The wood decay stage is 2–5, its peak in stage 3. The main fructification period is autumn, mainly October and November, and spring from March to the first half of June with the maximum in May. Summer records are rare. A distribution map for the Czech Republic is published and data on occurrence in other European countries are compiled and discussed. The Czech distribution data are confronted with the GIS map layer of the Czech natural forests databank containing exact data on naturalness of forest stands. This analysis shows that A. citrinella clearly prefers virgin, natural and near-natural forest stands, i.e. old-growth forests, therefore it can be used as an indicator of this habitat.

Keywords:     macrofungi, polypore, habitats, substrates, phenology, indicator fungus, forest naturalness, Europe

Article history: received 27 August 2018, revised 27 September 2018, accepted 2 October 2018, published online 24 October 2018 (including Electronic supplement)

Full citation:

Holec J., Běťák J., Pouska V., Dvořák D., Zíbarová L., Kout J., Adam D. (2018): Old-growth forest fungus Antrodiella citrinella - distribution and ecology in the Czech Republic – Czech Mycology 70(2): 127–143. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.70203

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