Czech Mycology 75(1): 35–52             Article published online: 4th May, 2023 doi: 10.33585/cmy.75103


Mycena laevigata (Fungi, Agaricales) in the heart of Central Europe – a prominent species of old-growth forests.

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The distribution and ecology of Mycena laevigata was evaluated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We collected data on records from 32 Czech and 32 Slovak localities, mostly from dead wood of spruce, but also fir and rarely pine. Mycena laevigata is a distinctly submontane to supramontane species with its distribution peak in the montane zone and rare occurrence in the subalpine zone. Preferred habitats are supramontane spruce forests, submontane/montane mixed forests (beech, spruce, fir) and submontane beech/fir forests. Several extrazonal habitats are known, namely waterlogged spruce forests, bog forests and ravine forests. Records of M. laevigata clearly dominate in old-growth forests under protection, which are rich in dead wood of spruce and/or fir, while records from managed forests are extremely rare. The species is able to fructify on wood of all decay stages, but most frequently at advanced stages, from May to November, with peaks in June and September. The prevailing occurrence in old-growth forests shows that the species requires not only presence of dead conifer wood in any cold and humid environment, but also some degree of habitat continuity, i.e. minor human impact on the forest ecosystem. The species can therefore be used as a good indicator of habitat preservation. Its taxonomic identity was verified molecularly using the ITS sequence from Czechia. Sequences of Asian samples are somewhat different from the European ones. Its distribution in Europe is summarised and its ecology in other parts of Europe discussed.

Keywords:     Basidiomycota, distribution, ecology, naturalness, nature conservation, Czech Republic, Slovakia, ITS, taxonomy.

Article history: received 23 February 2023, revised 13 April 2023, accepted 14 April 2023, published online 4 May 2023 (including Electronic supplement)

Full citation:

Holec J., Dvořák D., Zíbarová L., Beran M., Zehnálek P., Peiger M., Kunca V. (2023): Mycena laevigata (Fungi, Agaricales) in the heart of Central Europe – a prominent species of old-growth forests. – Czech Mycology 75(1): 35–52. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.75103

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