Czech Mycology 57(3-4): 279–297             Article published: 10th February, 2006 doi: 10.33585/cmy.57308


Bankeraceae in Central Europe. 2.

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The paper presents the second part of a study of the generaBankera, Phellodon, HydneUum, Sarcodon and Boletopsis in selected herbaria of Central Europe (Poland and northern Germany in this part). For each species, its occurrence and distribution is described. Historical changes of the occur­rence of hydnaceous fungi in the Central European area are discussed at the end of the study.

Keywords:     Bankeraceae, distribution, Central Europe

Full citation:

Hrouda P. (2005): Bankeraceae in Central Europe. 2. – Czech Mycology 57(3-4): 279–297. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.57308

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