Czech Mycology 49(2): 119–127             Article published: 13th October, 1996 doi: 10.33585/cmy.49206


Seven little known species of the genus Alternaria.

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The occurrence of seven little known Alternaria species (Fungi Imperfecti, Hyphomycetes, Dematiaciace) collected in they ears 1969 to 1994 in the Czech Republic is reported and their morphological characteristics presented. They cover two species described by the author, A. calendulae (Ondřej 1974) and A. thalictrina (Ondřej 1974), a new combination: A. anthyllidis (Baudyš) Ondřej comb. nov. and three hitherto unknown species to the Czech Republic: (A. helianthinficiens Simmons, A. leucanthemi Nelen, and A. infectoria Simmons). A new species A. caricina Ondřej spec, nov., is described from leaves of Carex brizoides L. Additional taxonomical characters (size of conidial scars) are given for each species.

Keywords:     Alternaria spp., A. caricina spec, nov., Czech Republic, taxonomy

Full citation:

Ondřej M. (1996): Seven little known species of the genus Alternaria. – Czech Mycology 49(2): 119–127. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.49206

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