Czech Mycology 50(2): 73–83             Article published: 16th December, 1997 doi: 10.33585/cmy.50201


Revision and reclassification of some Chaetosphaeria species.

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Revision of the type and other herbarium material of seven species previously placed in Chaetosphaeria Tul. et C. Tul. revealed that they need to be transferred to modern genera. Two new species, Calonectria rajasthanensis sp. nov. and Eriosphaeria subtomentosa sp. nov. are described and a new combination, Pseudotrichia xanthotricha (Berk, et Broome) comb. nov. is proposed. Four synonymous names are mentioned under other species names: Chaetosphaeria patelliformis Rick is identified with Byssosphaeria rhodomphala (Berk.) Cooke and Chaetosphaeria africana Saccas, Chaetosphaeria coffeae Saccas and Chaetosphaeria rehmiana (P. Henn.) Kirschst. are identified with Melanochaeta hemipsila (Berk, et Broome) E. Mull., Harr et Sulmont.

Keywords:     Ascomycetes, Chaetosphaeria, revision, taxonomy

Full citation:

Réblová M. (1997): Revision and reclassification of some Chaetosphaeria species. – Czech Mycology 50(2): 73–83. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.50201

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