Czech Mycology 47(2): 101–138             Article published: 15th March, 1994 doi: 10.33585/cmy.47201


Sclerotiniaceae on sweet chestnut burrs in the northern 'old world‘.

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Numerous collections by the author and 91 samples of old, fallenburrs of Castanea sativa Mill, received from 51 correspondents in Algeria and 21 countries in Europe, including the Canary Islands, Corsica and Madeira, produced the following Sclerotiniaceae: i.e. Botryotinia fuckeliana (de Bary) Whetzel, Ciboria americana Durand, Ciboria tenuistipes Schroet., Ciborinia bresadolae (Rick) J.T. Palmer, Lanzia echinophila (Bull: Fr.) Korf, L. luteovirescens (Rob. in Desmaz.) Dumont et Korf and Rutstroemia sydowiana (Rehm in Syd.) White as well as species of Ciboria, Ciborinia and Rutstroemia, which require further investigation. Hitherto, L. echinophila was the only sclerotinaceous species reported from this substrate in Europe. The samples ranged from single burrs to large packages with up to four species found in each. In addition, 44 further samples, nineteen of freshly burrs, produced no apothecia . Both C. americana and R. sydowiana have, however, been found in collections in national herbaria determined with a synonym of Lanzia echinophila.

Keywords:     Sclerotiniaceae, Castanea sativa, Europe, Algeria

Full citation:

Palmer J. (1994): Sclerotiniaceae on sweet chestnut burrs in the northern 'old world‘. – Czech Mycology 47(2): 101–138. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.47201

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