Czech Mycology 47(4): 237–259             Article published: 16th February, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.47401


Melastiza (Boud.) comb. et stat. nov. - a subgenus of the genus Aleuria Fuck. emend. nov. (Discomycetes, Pezizales).

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Relations between the genera Melastiza Boud. and Aleuria Fuck, are discussed. Examination of a number of collections of most species of both genera including the relevant type material has confirmed the opinion that the coloured outgrowths on there ceptacles of species of Melastiza are not reliable and sufficient for generic delimitation and, as a result, a new emendation of the genus Aleuria Fuck, is proposed. The genus is divided into two subgenera: subgen. Aleuria and subgen. Melastiza (Boud.) comb, et stat. nov.The discussed mutual relations and leading features, especially a variability of the colour and the wall thickness of the excipular hyphae and hyphoid hairs in Melastiza, similar shapes of the hyaline hyphae and hyphoid hairs in Aleuria, the same type of ascospores and excipular structure, the same carotenoid composition in paraphyses, and the same habitat, are considered an evidence for the generic identity. Reexaminations of the type material (NY, K) of Peziza cornubiensis Berkeley et Broome [= Melastiza cornubiensis (Berk, et, Br.) J. Moravec (1992b)], and the type (K) of Peziza chateri W. G. Smith [= Melastiza chateri (W. G. Smith) Boud.], have confirmed the identity of both fungi . Consequently, new combinations - Aleuria cornubiensis (Berk, et Br.) comb, nov., Aleuria carbonicola (J. Mor.) comb, nov., Aleuria flavida (Thind et Kaushal) comb, nov., Aleuria flavorubens (Rehm) comb, nov., Aleuria boudieri (v. Hohnel in Rehm) comb. nov. and Aleuria scotica (Graddon) comb. nov. are proposed. A Nepal collection of Aleuria rubra Batra [=Melastiza rubra (Batra) Maas Geesteranus] has also been examined. Aleuria latispora spec. nov. based on a collection from Central Asia is described as a new species of this subgenus too. Notes on the taxonomy, and descriptions and illustrations of all the taxa including SEM photomicrographs of ascospores accompany the paper.

Keywords:     Aleuria, subgen. Melastiza, Pezizales, taxonomy

Full citation:

Moravec J. (1994): Melastiza (Boud.) comb. et stat. nov. - a subgenus of the genus Aleuria Fuck. emend. nov. (Discomycetes, Pezizales). – Czech Mycology 47(4): 237–259. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.47401

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