Czech Mycology 48(1): 3–10             Article published: 16th May, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48102


Tailoring fungal nomenclature to suit user needs.

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The nomenclature of fungi is controlled by the InternationalCode of Botanical Nomenclature, revised at intervals of six years. The latest revision by the XV International Botanical Congress in Tokyo in 1993 signalled a major shift in botanical nomenclature towards increased pragmatism. The “top-ten” changes relevant to mycologists are summarized, and attention is drawn to a resolution of the Congress urging taxonomists to refrain from name changes for non-scientific reasons. Discussions have also been taking place between representatives of the Codes or Rules regulating the names of other organisms with a view to increasing harmonization between their practices and the eventual production of a single Code. Significant common ground has been established and the formation of an International Commission on Bionomenclature has been proposed. The pressure for change comes from both the generators and the users of names, and has targets which if realized will be of benefit to both groups.

Keywords:     Bionomenclature, code, harmonization, names, nomenclature, taxonomy

Full citation:

Hawksworth D. L. (1995): Tailoring fungal nomenclature to suit user needs. – Czech Mycology 48(1): 3–10. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48102

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