Czech Mycology 48(2): 139–144             Article published: 25th September, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48203


Adiasporomycosis of rodents inhabiting the shores of fishponds.

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The lung tissue of 180 rodents belonging to five species, trapped at 17 fishponds in the Studenec area (district of Třebíč) in 1991-1992, was examined for the presence of adiaspores of Emmonsia parva var. crescens(Emmons et Jellison) van Oorschot. The overall prevalence of adiasporomycosis was high, 30%, but its distribution varied markedly according to rodent species (Clethrionomys glareolus 45%, Apodemus flavicollis 56%, A. sylvaticus 26%, Microtus agrestis 13%, M. arvalis 9% ) and fishpond (’Donát’ 61%, ’Cikovec’ 28% ’Štičí’ 27%, ’Hlad’ 19%, other ponds 14% ). During a year, the highest infection rate (53%) wasfound in the rodents captured in March and April, compared with 21% to 25% of infected animals in the other seasons of the year.

Keywords:     Adiasporomycosis, Emmonsia, Clethrionomys, Apodemus, Microtus

Full citation:

Hubálek Z., Rychnovský B., Peško J. (1995): Adiasporomycosis of rodents inhabiting the shores of fishponds. – Czech Mycology 48(2): 139–144. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48203

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