Czech Mycology 48(2): 145–154             Article published: 25th September, 1995 doi: 10.33585/cmy.48204


Yeast population in the water of a polluted fish-pond.

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The present paper reports the results of a qualitative and quantitative investigation of yeast populations isolated from the water of one fish-pond near Bratislava. Quite anumber of fish have perished from disease in this pond. Eighteen different yeast species with various cell densities were identified from one hundred and fifteen water samples. Aureobasidium, Sporobolomyces, Trichosporon, Candidaand Cryptococcus species occurred most frequently. The yeast populations of autumn and summer samples are compared.The total yeast count was 11 time shigher in autumn than in summer. The distribution and densities of Trichosporon cutaneum, Geotrichum candidum, and to a certain degree of some species of the genus Candida, indicate the predominance of yeasts typical of a polluted aquatic environment.

Keywords:     Yeast population, polluted fish-pond, Slovakia

Full citation:

Sláviková E., Vadkertiová R. (1995): Yeast population in the water of a polluted fish-pond. – Czech Mycology 48(2): 145–154. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.48204

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