Czech Mycology 50(3): 161–179             Article published: 16th May, 1998 doi: 10.33585/cmy.50302


Revision of three Melanomma species described by L. Fuckel.

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Fuckel introduced the genus Melanomma for non-stromatic pyrenomycetes possessing both hyaline and dark coloured ascospores. Two out of five species having hyaline ascospores have been transferred to Chaetosphaeria. The present paper deals with the remaining three species, viz. Melanomma aterrima, M. conica and M. papillata. Examination of their type and other materialandculturestudies haveshownthat Melanomma aterrima is another species belonging to the genus Chaetosphaeria associated with a Custingophora anamorph. A new combination, Chaetosphaeria aterrima comb, nov., is proposed. Melanomma conica and M. papillata are regarded as conspecific with Chaetosphaeria ovoidea and C. pulviscula, respectively. Ascospore culture of C. pulviscula produced Menispora caesia and synanamorph similar to Phialophora sp. Type and recent material of Melanommafallax and Chaetosphaeria glauca have also been studied. Bothspeciesareidenticalwith Chaetosphaeriaovoideaandareincludedinitssynonymy. Chaetosphaeria aterrima, C. pulviscula and C. ovoidea are listed with their full synonymy and notes on their previous descriptions and illustrations.

Keywords:     Ascomycotina, Lasiosphaeriaceae, Chaetosphaeria, Custingophora, systematics

Full citation:

Réblová M. (1998): Revision of three Melanomma species described by L. Fuckel. – Czech Mycology 50(3): 161–179. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.50302

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