Czech Mycology 50(3): 223–239             Article published: 16th May, 1998 doi: 10.33585/cmy.50307


Records of new, rare or overlooked lichens from the Czech Republic.

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Alist of 26 species of lichens and 2 lichenicolous fungi from the CzechRepublic with comments isgiven. 11speciesarenew for the country: the lichensAbsconditelladelutula, Aspiciliamoenium, Bacidina chloroticula, Epigloea medioincrassata, Lecanora pseudistera, Micarea botryoides, Phaeocalicium compressulum, Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa, Xanthoria calcicola and the lichen­ icolous fungiEndococcus pseudocarpus and Zwackhiomyces sphinctrinoides; 4 lichens are new for Bohemia (Agonimia tristicula, Bacidina amoldiana, Buellia epigaea, Endocarpon psorodeum) and 1 for Moravia (Absconditella lignicola). Belonia incamata is new for the Šumava Mts. Diploicia canescens, Parmelia glabra and Parmelia revoluta, species which had been missing in the Czech Republic for a long period of time, were recently rediscovered. Other included lichens are very rarely found and are known from only a few localities in the Czech Republic. A large number of recordsare from the Protected Landscape Area Křivoklátsko, in the Rakovník District.

Keywords:     Czech Republic, Křivoklátsko, lichens and lichenicolous fungi, distribution, rare species

Full citation:

Kocourková-Horáková J. (1998): Records of new, rare or overlooked lichens from the Czech Republic. – Czech Mycology 50(3): 223–239. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.50307

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