Czech Mycology 52(4): 289–294             Article published: 5th March, 2001 doi: 10.33585/cmy.52405


Taxonomic notes on Dematioscypha and Amicodisca.

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The history and taxonomy of the genera Dematioscypha Svrček and Amicodisca Svrček is discussed. Two new species, Dematioscypha galanii Raitv. and Amicodisca svrcekii Raitv. et Huhtinen, are described. The new combination, Dematioscypha dematiicola (Berk, et Broome) Svrček var. fuscostipitata (Graddon) Raitv., is proposed.

Keywords:     Hyaloscyphaceae, Dematioscypha, Amicodisca, new species, taxonomy

Full citation:

Raitviir A. (2001): Taxonomic notes on Dematioscypha and Amicodisca. – Czech Mycology 52(4): 289–294. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.52405

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