Czech Mycology 53(4): 319–349             Article published: 3rd October, 2002 doi: 10.33585/cmy.53409


Myxomycetes in Bohemian Karst and Hřebeny Mts.

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Data on species composition and ecology of Myxomycetes are presented for three National Reserves in the Bohemian Karst and the northern part of Hřebeny Mountains. During a period of three years, all localities were investigated intensively. In addition to field collections, bark of living trees, twigs and dead leaves were cultivated in moist chambers. Specimens from the NationalMuseum in Prague were revised. Ninety-five species of Myxomycetes belonging to 29 genera were registered with certainty, 17 of these new to the Czech Republic. Species descriptions are provided for newly recorded species including microhabitat preferences. Differences between species diversity in the Bohemian Karst and Hřebeny Mts. are discussed as well as the seasonal dynamics of Myxomycetes in Central European conditions.

Keywords:     Myxomycetes, Bohemian Karst, Hřebeny Mts., Species diversity, Moist chamber culture

Full citation:

Dvořáková R. (2002): Myxomycetes in Bohemian Karst and Hřebeny Mts. – Czech Mycology 53(4): 319–349. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.53409

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