Czech Mycology 54(1-2): 31–43             Article published: 3rd October, 2002 doi: 10.33585/cmy.54105


On some Colacogloea species from Canada.

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Colacogloea allantospora is proposed as a new species. Canadian collections of C. bispora (Hauerslev) Oberw. et Bauer, C. peniophorae (Bourd. et Galzin) Oberw. et B and oni and two unnamed Colacogloea spp. are discussed. All are intrahymenial parasites of Hyphoderma, Tubulicrinis spp., of unidentified Corticiaceae s. 1. In addition to budding, repetition, and germ tubes, Colacogloea, germination by a thin-walled vesicle was comm only observed. Weak Congo Red-KOH stained colacosomes intensely in a recent collection of C. peniophorae; those in two related but unnamed older collections stained weakly. A Spiculogloea (c.f. S. minuta Roberts), also grew in the type collection of C. allantospora.

Keywords:     Systematics, mycoparasites, Colacogloea, colacosomes, Spiculogloea

Full citation:

Bandoni R., Krug J., Ginns J. (2002): On some Colacogloea species from Canada. – Czech Mycology 54(1-2): 31–43. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.54105

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