Czech Mycology 55(3-4): 187–200             Article published: 22nd December, 2003 doi: 10.33585/cmy.55304


New, rare and less known macromycetes in Slovakia I.

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Data on ecology, Slovak and European occurrence and endangerment of six new, rare and/or less known macromycetes collected in Slovakia are given. Phlebia ryvardenii was found for the first time in Slovakia, Hyphodontia latitans was collected for the first time after more than one hundred years and a new locality of Spongipellis fractipes is reported, too. In addition, new localities and ecological data on Hypoxylon ticinense, Pluteus aurantiorugosus and Rhodotus palmatus are presented.

Keywords:     Hyphodontia latitans, Hypoxylon ticinense, Phlebia ryvardenii, Pluteus aurantiorugosus, Rhodotus palmatus, Spongipellis fractipes, occurrence, ecology

Full citation:

Ripková S., Hagara L. (2003): New, rare and less known macromycetes in Slovakia I. – Czech Mycology 55(3-4): 187–200. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.55304

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