Czech Mycology 56(1-2): 63–84             Article published: 12th August, 2004 doi: 10.33585/cmy.56106


Fungi on Juncus trifidus in the Czech Republic. I.

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Fungi on Juncus trifidus were collected and studied during they ears 1998-2003, most intensively in 2002. Almost all known localities of this relict plant in the Czech Republic were visited. In this first contribution, 14 species of ascomycetes and anamorphic fungi are mentioned. Populations of Juncus trifidus in the Sudetes and Hercynian mountains are small in comparison with populations in the Alps and Carpathians. However, three species of arcto-alpine fungi (Hysteronaevia minutissima, Hysteropezizella diminuens, Naeviella paradoxa) and Lachnum roseum have been found there as new records for the Czech Republic. The richest localities of fungi on Juncus trifidus are Mt. Sněžka (Krkonoše Mts., Sudetes) and Jezerní stěna rock wall in the cirque of Černé jezero lake (Šumava Mts., Hercynicum).

Keywords:     Ascomycetes, anamorphic fungi, Hysteronaevia minutissima, Hysteropezizelladiminuens, Mycosphaerella perexigua var. minima, Naeviella paradoxa, Septoria, taxonomy, ecology

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Suková M. (2004): Fungi on Juncus trifidus in the Czech Republic. I. – Czech Mycology 56(1-2): 63–84. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.56106

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