Czech Mycology 58(1-2): 31–42             Article published: 10th August, 2006 doi: 10.33585/cmy.58102


Boletus kluzakii, a new species related to Boletus radicans.

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A new species, Boletus kluzakii, which was found in southern Bohemia (Czech Republic), is described. Typical characters of this bolete are: pileus when young whitish or pallid, sometimes with a slight pinkish tint, then more or less rose-pink or purplish pink, at times even purple-reddish in some places; pileus surface conspicuously reddening when handled or bruised; hymenophore yellow, bluing when bruised; stipe yellow with a yellow reticulation; context under pileus cuticle red or purplish red but in other parts of the pileus and in upper half of the stipe pale yellowish or vivid yellow, turning blue when injured; taste bitter. Characters distinguishing Boletus kluzakii from Boletus radicans (the most closely related species) and from other boletes with a pinkish or reddish shade of pileus (Boletus regius, B. fuscoroseus, B. speciosus, B. pulchrotinctus, B. roseoolivaceus, B. roseopurpureus and B. pulchriceps) are discussed.

Keywords:     Boletus kluzakii spec. nov., Boletus sect. Calopodes, Boletaceae, taxonomy, Czech Republic

Full citation:

Šutara J., Špinar P. (2006): Boletus kluzakii, a new species related to Boletus radicans. – Czech Mycology 58(1-2): 31–42. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.58102

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