Czech Mycology 59(2): 185–199             Article published: 28th December, 2007 doi: 10.33585/cmy.59205


New, rare and less known macromycetes in Slovakia II.

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Data on ecology, occurrence and endangerment of six rare and/or less known macromycetes collected in Slovakia are given. Although described more than a hundred years ago, only recent collections of Ascotremella faginea are known from Slovakia. Hygrocybe laeta and H. russocoriacea are red-listed in most European countries. Melanotus phillipsii, so far known only from the Belianske Tatry Mts., is published from four other areas. A new host of Panellus violaceofulvus was found and Xylaria filiformis is considered an overlooked species.

Keywords:     Ascotremella faginea, Hygrocybe laeta, H. russocoriacea, Melanotus phillipsii, Panellus violaceofulvus, Xylaria filiformis, occurrence, ecology

Full citation:

Ripková S., Adamčík S., Kučera V. (2007): New, rare and less known macromycetes in Slovakia II. – Czech Mycology 59(2): 185–199. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.59205

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