Czech Mycology 60(2): 137–171             Article published: 27th February, 2009 doi: 10.33585/cmy.60201


Taxonomic studies on Psathyrella sect. Spadiceae.

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Descriptions, figures of microscopic characters, data on ecology and distribution of four species of Psathyrella section Spadiceae known from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are given. These species are P. spadicea, P. papyracea, P. pygmaea and P. spintrigeroides. Type material of P. variata, P. imleriana, P. olympiana and P. spintrigeroides has been examined and the insufficiently known taxa P. variata, P. imleriana, P. subcernua and P. sarcocephala are discussed. The newly published combination Psathyrella papyracea (Pers.: Fr.) Vašutová is shown to be the correct name for a fungus currently named P. cernua (Vahl: Fr.) Hirsch. An identification key for Psathyrella species with thickwalled cystidia occurring in Central Europe is presented.

Keywords:     Psathyrella, Czech Republic, Slovakia, sect. Spadiceae, distribution, ecology

Full citation:

Vašutová M. (2008): Taxonomic studies on Psathyrella sect. Spadiceae. – Czech Mycology 60(2): 137–171. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.60201

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