Czech Mycology 67(2): 137–156             Article published online: 31st August, 2015 doi: 10.33585/cmy.67203


Contributions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota): new and rare species.

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This article contributes to the knowledge of Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (mainly polypores and corticioids) with nationally or regionally new species and records of rare species. The record of Tubulicrinopsis cystidiata is the second in the world and Tomentella fuscocinerea is new to Finland. New records are provided for the following species with no more than 10 records in Finland: Antrodia sitchensis, Chaetoporellus curvisporus, Colacogloea peniophorae, Deviodontia pilaecystidiata, Luellia recondita, Phlebia femsioeensis, Phlebia subcretacea, Piloderma lanatum, Plicatura crispa, Polyporus badius, Pycnoporellus alboluteus, Rigidoporus obducens, Skeletocutis ochroalba, Trechispora caucasica, Trechispora laevis, Tretomyces microsporus, Tubulicrinopsis cystidiata, Tulasnella albida and Xylodon nespori. In addition, 49 aphyllophoroid fungi are reported as new to some subzones of the boreal vegetation zone in Finland. The ecology and distribution of some species are discussed and notes on the substrate of each record are given.

Keywords:     aphyllophorales, biogeography, boreal forest, corticioid, distribution, polypore

Article history: received 28 April 2015, revised 26 June 2015, accepted 1 July 2015, published online 31 August 2015

Full citation:

Kunttu P., Kulju M., Kotiranta H. (2015): Contributions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota): new and rare species. – Czech Mycology 67(2): 137–156. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.67203

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