Czech Mycology 73(1): 59–77             Article published online: 30th March, 2021 doi: 10.33585/cmy.73105


Notes on Hapalopilus eupatorii and Erastia ochraceolateritia.

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Two species of polypores from the genus Hapalopilus s.l. are discussed. Hapalopilus eupatorii is published for the first time outside of Europe (Canary Islands) and in the Czech Republic. This species is shown to be more plastic in both morphology and ecology than previously thought. Revision of a type specimen of Phaeolus rutilans f. resupinatus has demonstrated that this taxon is microscopically different from Hapalopilus eupatorii in its spore shape. Erastia ochraceolateritia is published for the first time from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The identities of these two species were confirmed both based on morphology and by sequencing of ITS DNA regions. Maps of their current and historic distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are provided. A new combination, Erastia aurantiaca, is formally proposed.

Keywords:     Phanerochaetaceae, polypores, white-rot fungi, lignicolous fungi.

Article history: received 21 January 2021, revised 4 March 2021, accepted 6 March 2021, published online 30 March 2021

Full citation:

Zíbarová L., Kout J., Tejklová T. (2021): Notes on Hapalopilus eupatorii and Erastia ochraceolateritia. – Czech Mycology 73(1): 59–77. copy to clipboard

doi: 10.33585/cmy.73105

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